Commit 96193fdb authored by till straumann's avatar till straumann
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- added git submodules for what used to be in the CVS module

parent fe9a5f5f
[submodule "libtecla"]
path = libtecla
url = ../libtecla.git
[submodule "regexp"]
path = regexp
url = ../spencer_regexp.git
[submodule "m4"]
path = m4
url = ../rtems-ac-macros.git
[submodule "getopt"]
path = getopt
url = ../mygetopt_r
Subproject commit 110b894136748fa97f03d90ee9bdf70f309aaad3
Subproject commit a9ed0617f31281b128c449f9105f42234347a83f
Subproject commit 844399df0f46f87fd832f060caba792f27f190d5
Subproject commit 5c5c3bc3ed15add2a3cf3e2122b7036f6ca6dc33
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