Commit 89c90bfd authored by strauman's avatar strauman
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- bison now wants %pure-parser instead of %pure_parser

parent 2082d70e
Changes since CEXP-2.2
- bison now wants %pure-parser instead of %pure_parser.
- 64-bit issue: 0 is not always a NULL pointer! When passing to a varargs
function then pass ((void*)0) and NOT simply 0.
- updated README to mention sparc support which is now available in pmbfd.
- updated README to mention *sparc support* which is now *available* in pmbfd.
Changes since CEXP-2.1
- removed libtecla/Makefile (see next note) - conflicts with autotool-generated
......@@ -158,7 +158,7 @@ cexpUnredir(CexpParserCtx ctx);
#define yyparse __cexpparse
%union {
CexpTypedValRec val;
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