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20130123 (T.S.):
- pmbfd.h, bfd.c: added 'elf_section_flags()' (should go to bfd-elf.h
if we ever implement that).
- pmbfd.h: added 'bfd_mach_ppc_vle' (for binutils/opcodes compat - no
real support)
- pmbfdP.h, bfd.c: reduced internal representation of 'align_power' to
uint8_t. Added 'aux_flags' and AUX_ELF64 as a discrinator for the ELF
section header (indicating whether it is 64 or 32-bit).
- pmelf.h: added SHF_PPC_VLE (for binutils/opcodes compat - no real support).
20130117 (T.S.):
- pmbfd.h: added arch/mach definitions required to build with
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