Commit 64f7db94 authored by strauman's avatar strauman
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- renamed Makefile->makefile; Makefile in EXTRA_DIST results in

   the auto-generated Makefile (in the build-directory) to be distributed;
   even if we say EXTRA_DIST+=$(srcdir)/Makefile :-(
parent 77bc25c4
......@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ EXTRA_SRCS+= $(SYMF_SRCS)
EXTRA_DIST = cexp.y binutils-2.18.diff jumptab.c gentab.c
EXTRA_DIST+= README.ld.snippet Makefile LICENSE Makefile.syms
EXTRA_DIST+= README.ld.snippet makefile LICENSE Makefile.syms
EXTRA_DIST+= wrap.c
EXTRA_DIST+= $(wildcard $(srcdir)/cpptest/*.c)
EXTRA_DIST+= $(wildcard $(srcdir)/cpptest/*.cc)
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