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Changes since CEXP-2.2
- updated README to mention sparc support which is now available in pmbfd.
Changes since CEXP-2.1
- removed libtecla/Makefile (see next note) - conflicts with autotool-generated
......@@ -20,8 +20,9 @@ libraries ('poor-man's BFD) that comes with Cexp or libbfd.
The latter is more powerful:
- not limited to the ELF object format.
- supports many more machine types (pmbfd currently
only supports 32-bit powerpc, m68k and i386 and 64-bit
only supports 32-bit powerpc, m68k, i386, x86_64
and sparc [32-bit] -- in decreasing order of testing
that has been done).
- using BFD / libopcodes, a disassembler comes for free.
Otoh, using pmbfd/pmelf has the following advantages:
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