Commit 3be0184c authored by strauman's avatar strauman
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- pmbfdP.h, bfd.c: reduced internal representation of 'align_power' to

   uint8_t. Added 'aux_flags' and AUX_ELF64 as a discrinator for the ELF
   section header (indicating whether it is 64 or 32-bit).
parent bef7e35c
......@@ -85,7 +85,9 @@ struct sec {
const char *name;
bfd_size_type size;
bfd_vma vma;
unsigned align_power;
uint8_t align_power;
#define AUX_ELF64 1 /* So that we can discriminate the shdr */
uint8_t aux_flags; /* internal to pmbfd */
flagword flags;
Elf_Shdr *shdr;
#define GRP_NULL 0
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