Commit c7e9bea4 authored by Ralph.Lange's avatar Ralph.Lange
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Fixed: ASLO conversion broken in aoRecord PINI processing (mCANSupport/devLowCAL.c)

parent de077f5b
......@@ -1073,7 +1073,7 @@ static long ao_buf_to_rec(struct aoRecord *prec, buf_t *pbuf, int user_ind)
/* Conversion (copied from aoRecord.c) */
value = (double)prec->rval + (double)prec->roff;
if (prec->aslo)
if (prec->aslo != 0.0)
value *= prec->aslo;
value += prec->aoff;
if (prec->linr == menuConvertNO_CONVERSION) {
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