Commit 7e89c9cd authored by benjamin.franksen's avatar benjamin.franksen
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bugfix: add second argument in call to to special_conv (mCANSupport/devLowCAL.c)

This bug (the missing second arg) resulted in linear conversion not
being initialised depending on uncontrollable side conditions,
specifically, whatever happens to be on the stack. This exemplifies the
danger of turning off argument checking by giving a signature with
empty argument list (a la K&R).
parent 041b909c
......@@ -641,7 +641,7 @@ static long devlc_init_record(dbCommon *prec, int rflags, struct link *plink)
/* Initialize conversion */
if (pdset->special_conv) {
ret = pdset->special_conv(prec);
ret = pdset->special_conv(prec,1);
if (ret) return ret;
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