Commit 75319f1e authored by Pfeiffer, Götz's avatar Pfeiffer, Götz
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This is the improvement of the old "lost irq patch".

This should make the old "lost irq patch" more stable. All three write
functions in ci.c now work very similar.

* The timeout for a detection of a lost IRQ for a write command now takes the
  CAN object timeout into account.
* ci_write now waits if a previous write is not yet finished. This allows
  ci_write to be called after a ci_writelater which was previously not
* All write functions now use function object_event in order to detect if the
  irq was executed.
* Function handle_interrupt_missing has now more debug information.
* A lost IRQ can now always be simulated by setting vcan_lcount or vcan4_lcount
  to a value different from 0.
* The timeout in bosi_sem_wait_tm is now always greater or equal timeout
parent febfc6b0
......@@ -582,7 +582,13 @@ BSTATIC void bosi_sem_wait(bosi_semaphore *sem)
BSTATIC void bosi_sem_wait_tm(bosi_semaphore *sem, int milliseconds)
#ifdef B_VXWORKS
semTake(*sem, (milliseconds*sysClkRateGet())/1000);
int time;
if (milliseconds<=0)
time= (milliseconds*sysClkRateGet()+999)/1000;
semTake(*sem, time);
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -1295,7 +1295,15 @@ STATUS VCANINFO(void)
if ((gptr!=NULL) && (drv_ret_code==OK))
printf("driver is initialized\n");
printf("driver is not initialized\n");
printf("driver is not initialized, "
"maybe you should call "
#ifndef VCAN4
#ifndef VCAN4
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