Commit d09fb65b authored by Pfeiffer, Götz's avatar Pfeiffer, Götz
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In, -q now means "really quiet"

Ignore-this: a0940ddd95ed47386097b055aeddf565
parent 66eec401
......@@ -147,12 +147,12 @@ if (defined $org_header)
unlink($org_header) || die "unable to remove $opt_header\n";
rename($opt_header,$org_header) ||
die "unable to rename $opt_header to $org_header\n";
if ($opt_quiet)
if (!$opt_quiet)
{ print "header generated: $opt_header\n"; };
{ if ($opt_quiet)
{ if (!$opt_quiet)
{ print "header generated: $opt_header\n"; };
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