Commit 2e0b5420 authored by pfeiffer's avatar pfeiffer
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a "quiet" option was added

parent a502f3d1
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ use strict;
use FindBin;
use Getopt::Long;
use vars qw($opt_help $opt_multiple $opt_header $opt_part $opt_check);
use vars qw($opt_help $opt_quiet $opt_multiple $opt_header $opt_part $opt_check);
my $version = "1.5p";
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ if (($#ARGV==0) && ($ARGV[0] eq '-h'))
if (!GetOptions("help","multiple|m","header|h=s","part|p=s","check|c"))
if (!GetOptions("help","quiet|q", "multiple|m","header|h=s","part|p=s","check|c"))
{ die "parameter error, use \"$0 -h\" to display the online-help\n"; };
if ($opt_help)
......@@ -84,8 +84,10 @@ else
foreach my $file (@files)
{ local *IN;
open(IN, $file) || die "unable to open $file\n";
print "header file generated: $opt_header\n";
print "processing $file...\n";
if (!$opt_quiet)
{ print "header file generated: $opt_header\n";
print "processing $file...\n";
......@@ -109,8 +111,14 @@ if (defined $org_header)
unlink($org_header) || die "unable to remove $opt_header\n";
rename($opt_header,$org_header) ||
die "unable to rename $opt_header to $org_header\n";
if ($opt_quiet)
{ print "header generated: $opt_header\n"; };
{ if ($opt_quiet)
{ print "header generated: $opt_header\n"; };
sub process_file
......@@ -402,6 +410,7 @@ options:
-c check wether the new header-file differs from the old one. If no
difference is found, the header file is left intact. Useful when hgen.p
is called from within a makefile.
-q less messages on the screen
hgen-commands in sourcecode:
a command starts with a \'\@\' and is followed by 2 to 3 letters. A command
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