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......@@ -10,3 +10,8 @@ These are the experimental steps as performed at the ARDENNE deposition cluster
8. After receipe finished move holder out of the vacuum and flip the sample (deposition on both sides)
9. Repeat steps 2.-7.
10. Seal deposited samples with N2
**Additional Notes**
- Plasma Power: it can happen that 30W is too low for a stable plasma, then it was set to 50W
- Ignition: it can happen that the pressure of 2mBar is too high for ignition and needs to be set to 1mBar, it can be raised later
- Pressure: If only Silan is present (N2O 0 sccm) in the receipe 3sccm is too low to reach high pressure. There it is ok to set Silan to higher values, e.g. 60sccm
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