Commit fe12da25 authored by Pfeiffer, Götz's avatar Pfeiffer, Götz
Browse files Allow to specify the .hgrc file.

Since the hggit extension, which is activated in the hgrc file, breaks pulling
repositories by http, hggit is not activated in my personal hgrc file.

For now, the user of can specify a hgrc file at some othet
location which has hggit enabled just for the purpose of mercurial --> git
parent 5b8f41f3
......@@ -186,6 +186,9 @@ function print_short_help {
echo " This may be needed to convert repositories that"
echo " are not UTF-8 encoded. Example:"
echo " iso8859-1 : ISO8850-1 encoding"
echo "--hgrc HGRCFILE:"
echo " Specify the .hgrc file. This sets the environment"
echo " variable HGRCPATH (see mercurial documentation)."
echo "-y --yes : Create destination reposity if it doesn't exist"
echo " without prompting the user"
......@@ -225,6 +228,10 @@ while true; do
shift 2
export HGRCPATH="$2"
shift 2
-y | --yes)
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