Commit e9d2cac6 authored by Pfeiffer, Götz's avatar Pfeiffer, Götz
Browse files Option '-A' can be used to override the author.

parent ec6e395a
......@@ -256,7 +256,6 @@ def darcs_replay(author, log,actions,verbose,dry_run):
darcs_cmd("add --case-ok %s" % item[1],False,verbose,dry_run)
elif action=="removed":
# recreate the file so darcs can remove it:
# @@@
mk_file(item[1], verbose, dry_run) # create empty file if
# it doesn't exist
darcs_cmd("revert --all %s" % item[1],False,verbose,dry_run)
......@@ -269,7 +268,6 @@ def darcs_replay(author, log,actions,verbose,dry_run):
raise ValueError("unknown action: \"%s\"" % action)
if not dry_run:
if maybe_removed_dirs:
print("MAYBE REMOVED:",maybe_removed_dirs)#@@@
subs= all_subdirs(maybe_removed_dirs)
pars= all_parent_dirs(maybe_removed_dirs)
all_possible_removed_dirs= sorted(pars.union(subs))
......@@ -295,15 +293,17 @@ def darcs_replay(author, log,actions,verbose,dry_run):
if not dry_run:
def convert(revision, verbose, dry_run):
def convert(revision, author, verbose, dry_run):
"""convert a mercurial revision to darcs."""
hg_cmd("update -r %s" % revision, False, verbose, dry_run)
(author,log)= hg_log(revision, verbose)
(hg_author,log)= hg_log(revision, verbose)
if author is None:
author= hg_author
changes= hg_status(revision, verbose)
darcs_replay(author, log, changes, verbose, dry_run)
def convert_from_to(revision1, revision2, verbose, dry_run):
def convert_from_to(revision1, revision2, author, verbose, dry_run):
"""convert revisions in a range to darcs."""
if not os.path.exists(".hg"):
sys.exit("error: no mercurial repo (\".hg\") found")
......@@ -312,7 +312,7 @@ def convert_from_to(revision1, revision2, verbose, dry_run):
"you can create one with \"darcs init\"")
revs= hg_revision_range(revision1, revision2, verbose)
for rev in revs:
convert(rev, verbose, dry_run)
convert(rev, author, verbose, dry_run)
# version of the program:
my_version= "1.0"
......@@ -326,7 +326,8 @@ def process(options,_):
sys.exit("error: only -r [rev] or -r [rev1:rev2] is valid")
if len(revs)==1:
convert_from_to(revs[0],revs[1],options.verbose, options.dry_run)
options.verbose, options.dry_run)
def script_shortname():
"""return the name of this script without a path component."""
......@@ -369,6 +370,13 @@ def main():
"may also be used as a revision specification.",
metavar="REVISION" # for help-generation text
parser.add_option("-A", "--author", # implies dest="file"
action="store", # OptionParser's default
type="string", # OptionParser's default
help= "Specifies the AUTHOR. This overwrites the "
"'author' field of *every* patch.",
metavar="AUTHOR" # for help-generation text
parser.add_option("-v", "--verbose", # implies dest="switch"
action="store_true", # default: None
help="print to the screen what the program does",
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