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......@@ -14,19 +14,7 @@ system.
bii_scripts is avaliable under the terms of the
`GNU General Public License v.3 <>`_.
| If you are interested in getting the scripts or libraries you can download
them as tar.gz or zip
| file from the
`repository page <>`_
(click on "bz2", "zip" or "gz").
However, the preferred way is to clone the main darcs repository::
darcs get
or to clone the mercurial mirror repository::
hg clone
For downloading the project see `<>`_.
For any questions feel free to contact one of the script authors:
......@@ -12,33 +12,19 @@ You find documentation of the scripts here:
`documentation <CONTENTS.html>`_
Some of the scripts can be downloaded from the documentation side.
Copyright 2022 `Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie GmbH
However, you may want to download them from our software repositories.
bii_scripts is avaliable under the terms of the
`GNU General Public License v.3 <>`_.
Repository access
Repository access and Download
You can download our primary darcs repository::
- `bii_scripts at darcs <;a=summary>`_
darcs get
- `bii_scripts at git <>`_.
and browse it at
We also maintain a mercurial repository that is created by converting the darcs
repository. You can browse it here:
or clone it::
hg clone
Our development takes place in the darcs repository, so if you want to have
your changes commited in our repositories, it may be easier if you use darcs.
But we can also convert mercurial bundles back to darcs.
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