Commit a732b451 authored by Pfeiffer, Götz's avatar Pfeiffer, Götz
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iddb: The "network" properties are now stored in the Query object.

This is a preparation for adding "ioc" and "console" to the "list" command.
parent a271e346
......@@ -112,6 +112,15 @@ class DbXML:
except (http.client.RemoteDisconnected,
socket.gaierror, socket.timeout) as e:
except xmlrpc.client.Fault as e:
if "cannot marshal None" in str(e):
# XMLRPC returned None
# Note: Using "allow_none= True" in
# xmlrpc.client.ServerProxy(self.URL) doesn't seem to avoid
# raising the xmlrpc.client.Fault exception, so we have to
# handle this in a bit more complicated way.
return None
# -----------------------------------------------
# small structureddata emulation (sde)
......@@ -238,6 +247,7 @@ class Query:
self._id_sd_keys= set()
self._id_names= {}
self._id_global= {}
self._id_network= {}
self._id_all= {}
self._id_aliases= {}
def sd_key_set(self):
......@@ -267,6 +277,17 @@ class Query:
if not sd_key:
return self._id_global
return self._id_global[sd_key]
def id_network(self,sd_key= None):
"""return a dict with id_network properties."""
if not self._id_network:
for my_sd_key in self.sd_key_set():
self._id_network[my_sd_key]= \
if not sd_key:
return self._id_network
return self._id_network[sd_key]
def id_all(self,sd_key):
"""return all data for an insertion device."""
d= self._id_all.get(sd_key)
......@@ -328,6 +349,25 @@ class Query:
if must_exist:
return self.id_global(sd_key)["rsync_dist_group"]
return self.id_global(sd_key).get("rsync_dist_group", default)
def ioc(self,name, must_exist= True, default= None):
"""find ioc name."""
sd_key= self.find_sd_key(name)
if must_exist:
return self.id_network(sd_key)["ioc"]
# Insertion devices not controlled by the idcp application do not have
# "network" parameters, so self.id_network(sd_key) may be None:
nw= self.id_network(sd_key)
if nw is None:
return default
return self.id_network(sd_key).get("ioc", default)
def console(self,name, must_exist= True, default= None):
"""find console name."""
ioc= self.ioc(name, must_exist, default)
if ioc is None:
return ioc
if ioc==default:
return ioc
return ioc.split(".",1)[0]
# -----------------------------------------------
# console I/O
......@@ -605,11 +645,10 @@ def process(args, rest):
result= []
for n in rest[1:]:
sd_key= dbquery.find_sd_key(n)
ioc= dbobj.db_get("" % sd_key)
if rest[0]=="console":
result.append((sd_key, ioc.split(".",1)[0]))
result.append((sd_key, dbquery.console(sd_key)))
result.append((sd_key, ioc))
result.append((sd_key, dbquery.ioc(sd_key)))
if len(result)==1:
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