Commit 1c9a096d authored by Bernhard.Kuner's avatar Bernhard.Kuner
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Col V new: SORT=n|other=param to sort by number and havo other parameters to...

Col V new: SORT=n|other=param to sort by number and havo other parameters to be set in the panel file (./lib/python/
parent 699e1bbf
......@@ -25,6 +25,8 @@
-v --verbose: print debug information
--devobj: Optional device object module to convert data from another spreadsheet format to program variables
-b --base: EPICS Base, as defined in Makfile Variable $(EPICS_SHORT_VERSION) Default is '3.14.8'
from optparse import OptionParser
......@@ -471,7 +471,7 @@ class Panels(object):
- (GRID="x,y") or (GRID="x,y",SPAN="n"or (XY="n,m"): Just pass the parameter to the panel.substitutions file
to be interpreted by
ATTENTION: the Groupname will get the Y position of Ymin-1, so there has to be a free gap of 1 line in grid-Y numbering!
- SORT=n|otherParameters|...: Sort by number, but pass other arguments to the panel
class PanelFile(object):
......@@ -622,21 +622,28 @@ class Panels(object):
if sort == None or len(sort) == 0:
self.isSort = "SORT_BY_BDNS"
Sort = parseParam(sort)
if isinstance(Sort,str):
sortParam = parseParam(sort)
if isinstance(sortParam,str):
self.isSort = "SORT_BY_NUMBER"
elif isinstance(Sort,dict):
if Sort.has_key('GRID'):
elif isinstance(sortParam,dict):
if sortParam.has_key('WIDGET'):
self.widgetName = sortParam['WIDGET']
if sortParam.has_key('GRID'):
self.isSort = "SORT_BY_GRID"
xy = Sort['GRID']
xy = sortParam['GRID']
if self.xPos is not None and self.yPos is not None:
raise ValueError, "No valid grid sort parameter: "+sort
if Sort.has_key('WIDGET'):
self.widgetName = Sort['WIDGET']
elif sortParam.has_key('SORT'):
self.isSort = "SORT_BY_NUMBER"
self.sort = sortParam['SORT']
print self.isSort, self.sort, self.widgetName,
raise ValueError, "PanelWidget.__init(): Not a valid sort parameter: "+sort
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