Commit 9acb9742 authored by Kevin Peterson's avatar Kevin Peterson
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Eliminated calls to os.system(). Example IOCs now build on Windows (VS2017).

parent 7e91f76d
......@@ -2,26 +2,42 @@
import os
import shutil
# ugly hack: copy so that it can be imported
shutil.copy('.ci/', '.ci-local/travis')
from cue import *
def cat(filename):
Print the contents of a file
with open(filename, 'r') as fh:
for line in fh:
def sanity_check(filename):
Include the contents of a file in the travis log
print("{}Contents of {}{}".format(ANSI_BLUE, filename, ANSI_RESET))
print("{}End of {}{}".format(ANSI_BLUE, filename, ANSI_RESET))
# Add the path to the driver module to the RELEASE.local file, since it is needed by the example IOC
update_release_local('MOTOR_PHYTRON', os.getenv('TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR'))
# Copy the travis RELEASE.local to the configure dir
shutil.copy("{}/RELEASE.local".format(cachedir), "configure/RELEASE.local")
# Sanity check
print("{}Contents of updated configure/RELEASE.local{}".format(ANSI_BLUE, ANSI_RESET))
os.system('cat configure/RELEASE.local')
print("{}End of updated configure/RELEASE.local{}".format(ANSI_BLUE, ANSI_RESET))
filename = "configure/RELEASE.local"
shutil.copy("{}/RELEASE.local".format(cachedir), filename)
# Enable the building of example IOCs
print("{}Contents of updated configure/CONFIG_SITE.local{}".format(ANSI_BLUE, ANSI_RESET))
os.system('echo "BUILD_IOCS = YES" > configure/CONFIG_SITE.local')
os.system('cat configure/CONFIG_SITE.local')
print("{}End of updated configure/CONFIG_SITE.local{}".format(ANSI_BLUE, ANSI_RESET))
filename = "configure/CONFIG_SITE.local"
fh = open(filename, 'w')
fh.write("BUILD_IOCS = YES")
# Remove
os.system('rm -f .ci-local/travis/')
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