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      lowcal: start timeout counter when sending requests, not when enqueueing them · f1f2bc2c
      Franksen, Benjamin authored
      The timeout property of a lowcal variable is redefined so as to refer to the
      time between sending a request and receiving a response. In other words, the
      time spent inside the send queue is not counted. Implementation-wise, this
      means we set the timeout counter when dequeueing the request, not when we
      enqueue it.
      This change avoids spurious errors (PROT_UMSG or PROT_2LATE) that happen
      when a varset has many multiplexers enqueued and a pending request times out
      due to a send error. In this case, enqueued requests will be sent (because
      the writer has higher priority than the timer) and then promptly times out;
      the response, when it arrives, will then cause one of the two error message
      Another advantage of the new scheme is that the timeout can now be
      configured without knowing how many multiplexers there are.
      Finally, the implementation is simplified, since we no longer need to remove
      elements from the queue, except the head. The functions unqueue and
      varsetq_remove are no longer used and have been removed. We could even go
      back to using a singly linked list for the send queue.
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      sci: The version number was raised to 3.0. · 2c91f2e0
      Pfeiffer, Götz authored
      This reflects changes in the sci API and enables applications to these changes
      into account.
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    • Franksen, Benjamin's avatar
      lowcal: (partial) fix for writer_notify · ad4a6c09
      Franksen, Benjamin authored
      The previous implementation of write_notify had a number of problems that
      led to spurious timeouts and even deadlocks. One problem was the assumption
      that when the time due from the last call to write_notify is in the past,
      then the alarm must be inactive. This is unreliable, because there is always
      some extra delay between the time due and the actual call of the callback. A
      second problem is that write_notify_cb was called directly in some places,
      circumventing the bookkeeping (last_notify) inside write_notify.
      We now check directly with a boolean flag whether an alarm is active or not.
      Also, all notify calls are now via write_notify.
      Unfortunately it appears that this is not yet a full solution. There are
      still timeouts (especially with the faster CPU board) and it usually takes
      about 30 seconds to recover from this condition.
  15. 11 Jul, 2017 1 commit
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      increase the baudrate dependent bus timeout · 980d5e4e
      Franksen, Benjamin authored
      It turned out that this is needed for the mvme5500. The rather unintuitive
      fact that the timeout needs to be longer for a faster CPU can be explained
      by observing that the faster CPU can send more requests, thus gets more
      responses, and response messages have higher priority (lower CAN object ids).