Commit 8019da65 authored by Franksen, Benjamin's avatar Franksen, Benjamin
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increase the baudrate dependent bus timeout

It turned out that this is needed for the mvme5500. The rather unintuitive
fact that the timeout needs to be longer for a faster CPU can be explained
by observing that the faster CPU can send more requests, thus gets more
responses, and response messages have higher priority (lower CAN object ids).
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......@@ -339,8 +339,8 @@ int mcan_get_sci_timeout(mcan_Prot_Handle handle, unsigned short port)
switch (bitrate) {
case SCI_1000KB: return 20;
case SCI_500KB: return 40;
case SCI_1000KB: return 50;
case SCI_500KB: return 60;
case SCI_250KB: return 80;
case SCI_125KB: return 160;
case SCI_100KB: return 200;
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