Commit 7963522b authored by Franksen, Benjamin's avatar Franksen, Benjamin
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fix in lowcal: lowcal_get must not return PROT_INHIB

For compatibility (e.g. with other protocols) gps_write still uses
sci_write_inhibit when this flag is set, but for lowcal we always want to
use the normal sci_write.
parent 2fe986bc
......@@ -1675,12 +1675,6 @@ prot_Return lowcal_get (
/* Must not return PROT_INHIB for RTR objects, as this causes
the writer to use sci_write_inhibit, which fails in this case. */
if (!slot_p->prop.remote_transmit) {
func_ret |= PROT_INHIB;
callback_struct->user_callback = lowcal_write_done;
callback_struct->user_arg = slot_p->varset_p;
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