Commit a73f8f1c authored by Franksen, Benjamin's avatar Franksen, Benjamin
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fix tarball generation rules

parent 1a0f5158
......@@ -73,12 +73,19 @@ pdf: html
$(MAKE) -C $(BUILDDIR)/latex all-pdf
tag2rel = $(subst R,,$(subst -,.,$1))
rel2tag = R$(subst .,-,$1)
SUPPRESS_OUTPUT := $(if $(findstring s,$(MAKEFLAGS)),>/dev/null,)
for r in `darcs show tags | egrep '^([R\-][0-9]+)+$$'` ;\
do darcs dist -d documentation/$(PROJECT)`echo $$r|tr - .|tr R -` -t "^$$r$$" $(SUPPRESS_OUTPUT);\
RELEASE_TAGS := $(shell darcs show tags | egrep '^([R\-][0-9]+)+$$')
RELEASES := $(call tag2rel,$(RELEASE_TAGS))
TARS := $(RELEASES:%=$(PROJECT)-%.tar.gz)
tar: $(TARS)
darcs dist -d documentation/$(PROJECT)-$* -t $(call rel2tag,$*) $(SUPPRESS_OUTPUT)
singlehtml: tar
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