Commit c4cf5ee6 authored by Franksen, Benjamin's avatar Franksen, Benjamin
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remove targets in COMMON_DBS from DBDDEPENDS_FILES

The build rules for these dependency files are crap and removing the targets
from DBDDEPENDS_FILES is the simplest way to disable them. They call msi
with the -D option which generates incomplete dependencies and fails with
ugly error messages for generated template files. A better way to generate
dependencies for db and template files is contained in the RULES_DB
installed by the BESSYRULES module.
parent 407e0654
......@@ -129,7 +129,6 @@ HINC += $(addsuffix .h,$(DBDINC_NAME))
COMMON_DBDINC += $(addprefix $(COMMON_DIR)/,$(HINC))
DBDDEPENDS_FILES += $(addsuffix $(DEP),$(HINC) \
$(patsubst $(COMMON_DIR)/%,%,$(COMMON_DBS)) \
$(patsubst $(COMMON_DIR)/%,%, \
$(filter-out $(COMMON_DIR)/bpt%.dbd,$(COMMON_DBDS))))
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