Commit be8bfd9b authored by Franksen, Benjamin's avatar Franksen, Benjamin
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remove the legal_value check for record fields

This is stupid and causes lots of unnecessary incompatibilities.
parent 86317df6
......@@ -63,8 +63,6 @@ sub put_field {
my $recfield = $this->{RECORD_TYPE}->field($field_name);
dieContext("No field named '$field_name'")
unless defined $recfield;
dieContext("Can't set $field_name to '$value'")
unless $recfield->legal_value($value);
push @{$this->{RECFIELD_LIST}}, $recfield
unless exists $this->{FIELD_INDEX}->{$field_name};
$this->{FIELD_INDEX}->{$field_name} = $value;
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