Commit dc3be302 authored by Rossa, Lutz's avatar Rossa, Lutz
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show fram count just before acquiring an image

parent 3e4bb324
......@@ -676,6 +676,7 @@ int XenethCamera::SnapImage()
int iResult(ConvertXenethResult(XC_StartCapture(m_hCamera)));
LOG(("XenethCamera::SnapImage(%p) started camera, iResult=%d\n", this, iResult));
LOG(("XenethCamera::SnapImage(%p) frame count=%u\n", this, XC_GetFrameCount(m_hCamera)));
int iResult(ConvertXenethResult(XC_GetFrame(m_hCamera, FT_NATIVE, XGF_Blocking,
static_cast<void*>(, static_cast<int>(m_abyImage.size()))));
if (g_iSnapCount < 1000)
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