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# XenethCamera
Xenics camera using the Xeneth SDK
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Xenics camera using the Xeneth SDK
1) Get Micro-Manager installer (version 2.0 or higher)
and install it.
2) Get BOOST C++ libraries
and install them.
3) Clone repository of Micro-Manager source code
The base directory will be named "<MM>" here.
4) Clone this repository into / copy files into
5) Open solution "<MM>/micro-manager.sln" in Visual Studio and add existing
project "<MM>/DeviceAdapters/XenethCamera/XenethCamera.vcxproj".
6) Build solution, which should create a DLL named "mmgr_dal_XenethCamera.dll"
in a sub-directory of "<MM>/build".
7) Copy "mmgr_dal_XenethCamera.dll" into the installation folder of the
installed Micro-Manager (see 1).
Open Micro-Manager and select configuration file. The hardware wizard should
show the Xeneth/Xenics camera as new hardware. There are some properties,
which have to filled before init, these are: the camera path, an optional
calibration file and an optional property index for the exposure time. The
exposure time index is taken automatically, if the name of this property is
like "integrationtime", "exposure" or "exposuretime".
After init, use may use the device property browser to see all properties.
Use the camera as expected by Micro-Manager.
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